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I hereby agree, and certify, as a condition of this purchase, that I have and will completely comply with the laws, regulations, and ordinances of the state of destination for the merchandise offered for sale by Fireworks Giant.

I have read and understand that Fireworks Giant will not assume liability in any legal action for injury occurring during transport, handling, storage, use, or sale of this merchandise.

I understand that as a condition of this purchase, fireworks are dangerous, and I assume all risk regarding them.

I understand that I must be 18 years of age or older to purchase fireworks.

I agree to pay Fireworks Giant a reasonable fee to act on my behalf in arranging shipment to my destination. (Included in shipping charges)

Allow 7 to 14 days for shipping of products to most states.

Any shipments refused for any reason are subject to assessment of freight charges to and from destination and is the responsibility of the person that placed the order.

For stolen, opened, or damaged packages in route you will be reimbursed by the shipping company, not by Fireworks Giant.

It is your responsibility to inspect packages prior to accepting and signing for them.

I understand that I am responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, and that it is my responsibility, not that of Fireworks Giant to ensure that I am able to legally possess these fireworks.

I also understand by not obtaining permits where required that I run the risk of fines and or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to Fireworks Giant or the shipping company.